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It could be that visiting this page looking for answers to questions you have about your home or office climate control system. Or maybe you're considering upgrading an aging and unreliable system for something new.

heatingOr perhaps you need some new equipment for your home or a new business premises and wanted to learn more about some aspects of heating and cooling equipment.


Nothing beats coming home on a cold wintery day to a warm, inviting house! These days, most homes have some form of heating installed.

Some have taken advantage of modern heaters or central systems to heat their homes.

Others still rely on more traditional forms of heat production from open fires in traditional fireplaces burning wood or coal, to a wood burning stove, aga or range in the kitchen.

However you manage your home's winter heat, just remember that if you need to know anything, this website is here to help provide answers!


coolingIn summer, depending on where you live, it can get pretty hot out there.

What better than to be able to escape the searing heat of summer in a beautifully cool air conditioned home!

There are many different types of air conditioner from large central HVAC systems to distributed zone ductless mini-split AC to standalone window units, PTAC, VTAC or smaller portable AC units.

Choosing the right system or components for your home or work place can be a daunting project that you need to get right from the get go. You'll find the answers you need right here!

Air Quality

Another aspect of maintaining a comfortable home or work environment is to pay attention to the air quality.

Way too many buildings occupied for housing or business are plagued by polluted air that is not effectively circulated or ventilated.

There are a number of solutions to this problem, ranging from increasing natural ventilation with more open windows or providing a comprehensive central air system or even distributed air purifier units.