How Auto Evaporating Portable Air Conditioners Work

Air conditioning can be a great relief during hot summer months and they come in different sizes and prices. Portable self evaporating AC units are growing in popularity lately.

Some air conditioners blow cool air throughout the home. Others are window air conditioners that cool just one room.

Portable air conditioners may also be an option, offering an auto-evaporation function.

Portable Air-Conditioner Features

Portable air conditioners are similar to small space heaters. These air conditioners are the same as those for larger windows.

The air conditioner enters hot air from the surrounding air. The air conditioner's parts effectively remove humidity from the air. Hot air is drawn out through a vent located near a window.

Auto Evaporation

Auto evaporation also goes by the name self-evaporation. This feature of portable air conditioners allows you to effectively recycle the residual moisture in the air.

The air conditioner cools itself by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. Any moisture remaining in the air conditioner exhausts for evaporation.

One of the best portable air conditioners that fully self-evaporates is one you can consider if your cooling unit has a full water tray.

These units don’t need to drain often. They also have an integrated condensation exhaust that removes water during cooling and humidification. This water vapor, along with the hot exhaust gas, is released to outside through a Hose.

There are many benefits to buying a portable, self-evaporating air conditioner. These benefits will be discussed in the next section. There are some things that you should consider before you make the right choice.

How Does A Self-Evaporating Portable AC Work?

The self-evaporating portable air conditioning works differently from traditional air conditioners. They first condense any excess moisture and then cycle it through a cooling system to improve its cooling efficiency.

The unit will then re-evaporate or expels that moisture into its hot-air exhaust port, dispersing the moisture outside with hot and humid air.

This means the user doesn't have any need to drain water from the container. Most of the moisture generated during cooling will have been evaporated. The self-evaporating AC conditioners are extremely energy-efficient.

Do You Require a Portable Fully-Evaporative Air Conditioning Unit?

This will depend on what your preferences are. If you have to constantly empty the water-catcher tank of your AC unit and this is driving you nuts, then it's time to invest in a fully-evaporative portable cooling system.

This type is also great for summer cooling and comfort. An evaporative unit will not require you to drain the hoses, or clean the water-catching tank.

It is an ultra-cool model of air conditioner, which will efficiently evaporate any moisture that has condensed in the air. You can then expel the moisture from the outside by using the vent hose.

Benefits (Pros)

Air conditioners don't just blow cool, but also expel moisture from the air conditioning unit.

This moisture has to go somewhere. That is the hard part. Due to their ability to remove moisture quickly and without hassle, self-evaporating units are rapidly becoming more popular.

A self-evaporating portable air conditioner eliminates the need for you to empty the water tray manually.

Self-evaporating ACs may also be known as "no leak units", since water doesn’t drip away from their rear.

This is because the AC unit can recycle half the condensed water. This cools the inner cooling coils which allows the unit run more efficiently.

The air conditioner's efficiency is increased by using the auto evaporation technology to remove moisture.

This means that the air conditioner uses less electricity as the coils cool mainly by the moisture. This feature also allows for faster cooling due to the moisture's extra cooling.

Downsides (Cons)

One major problem with the auto evaporation function of the air conditioner is its inability to withstand extreme humidity. High humidity will cause the air conditioner to not be able to evaporate all the moisture.

This will allow the water tank to store the moisture that remains after the auto evaporate feature ceases operation.

The sensors on the air conditioner will shut off the machine if the tank becomes saturated with moisture. For the portable air conditioner's to work again, users must empty this water tank.


Portable air conditioners can come in different sizes to cool different rooms. You will find larger coil assemblies on larger portable AC units.

Therefore, an air conditioner is able to reuse more air moisture as compared to a portable one.

Consumer Search reports that portable air conditioners cool the room less effectively than comparable window machines. A bigger portable air conditioner can cool a room more effectively than a smaller one.


Before you purchase a portable conditioner, make sure it has an auto evaporation feature and a storage water tank.

Many units do NOT have this feature. Every manufacturer makes an air-conditioning unit differently, so make sure you confirm all necessary features before you buy.

Make sure that your next portable air conditioner features an auto-evaporation system