Multi-Tap Run Capacitors

Posted on 16 May 2011 by heatingcoolingsource

For the past few years we have been using these fantastic universal multi-tap dual run capacitors from AmRad Engineering , Palm Coast Florida. Simply put,  just one Turbo 200 capacitor replaces more than 200 individual capacitors! Think of the inventory  you can eliminate, it’s a no brainer. They also make a smaller verzion the Turbo 200 Mini and the Large Turbo 200X  that goes up to 97.5 mfd!  They also manufacture universal start capacitors  as well as a regular line of single and dual capacitors. Our technicians and our customers  love that they’re made right here in the USA!   If all thats not enough to make you rush out and stock your trucks with them,  they also come with an industry leading  5-year warranty.  They’re not inexpensive but they are high quality parts. Who among us doesn’t mind being known for using top shelf american made parts. What’s it worth to not have a callback in less than a year to replace the cheapo two dollar Chinese capacitor you thought was a good deal. Even if you don’t use the Turbos try out their regular caps we have had great success with these quality parts. It’s pretty impressive when you can offer a five year parts warranty on your invoice.  Check  them out at this link.

Picture courtesy of Google Images.


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